[doku86] ilia belorukov & alexander markvart . live in riga, october 2012

14 Декабрь 2013 //  кинул в музыка

Добрый вечер, дорогие друзья!
На испанском нет-лейбле doministiku вышел сингл дуэта Ильи Белорукова и Александра Маркварта. Запись с концерта в Риге.

Free download here>>

ilia belorukov – alto saxophone with mini-amplifier, objects
alexander markvart – acoustic guitar, objects

released by doministiku ( )

The idea of creating this duet occurred to Alexander Markvart after several collaborative performances and recording sessions in the context of collaboration with Siberian Improvisation Company in spring 2012, which was by mutual consent quite interesting and successful. The duo sometimes have acoustic nature and sometimes electro-acoustic, Ilia plays alto saxophone, mini-amplifier and objects and Alexander on acoustic/electric guitar (used in the spirit of «filar improvisation»), live electronics and objects, but this is not a dogma. Stylistically it is a new improvised music of «quiet» condition. Played several concerts in Poland, Latvia and Russia.

Да, кстати, в этом же баре в Риги через несколько часов будут выступать СНМ-техно.
Пост написан в автобусе, по дороге, где-то в Эстонии.

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